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Multicultural Educational

Programs, Inc.

Empowering underrepresented people to serve in non-profits in STEM Education!

The New Grant Writing Workshops

MEP will begin teaching on-line in the Shirlene A. Taylor Business Incubator

The MEP program is a vibrant educational program that teaches adults how to serve children in many different STEM science, technology, engineering and math areas. In November 2022, MEP started the online teaching program to help adults learn how to start a non-profit, serve in STEM around the world, and other classes such as to how write grants. MEP can also edit your grants once you have written them. Classes are conducted by Michelle L. Taylor-Frazier, founder and doctoral student in organizational leadership in education. MEP designed the business incubator named after her mother Shirlene A. Taylor, who was a successful real-estate investor in southern Arizona. The incubator has been in service for almost ten years. We hope to see you in a class! If you are interested in attending as a group, or one on one, or in person, please use the contact us page or email for rates: [email protected] to set up your class. 

Celebrating 21 years!

Welcome to Multicultural Educational Programs, Inc. (MEP). We are a 501(c) (3) organization offering phenomenal programs using hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.) activities. Our organization has served students in grades kindergarten-college for over twenty years! That's over 55,000 students!  

During the summer of 2022, MEP worked with professionals who visited Kenya. In December of 2022, another group went back to Nimba, Liberia to visit the Rowena Arnold Christian school that MEP has partnered with for almost ten years. If your group would like to prepare to go to another country and serve with STEM-science, technology, engineering and math programming, please sign up for a consultation and then training.



Please donate to help MEP continue to offer programs free for children! Our fundraiser this year is to purchase portable lab kits for a trip to the Republic of the Congo next summer with Dr. Musau Wakabongo. Each kit is $80.00 and test the water, then the children learn how to make clean water.  Your purchase of the book Christian STEAM for $19.99 will greatly help towards the purchase of a kit. MEP receives $10.00.  please visit: 

The Learn from home program on You Tube!

The learn from home program, which was created during the Covid-19 pandemic is still available on You Tube for free!  Go to Multicultural Educational Programs (it's under the big blue "M")

Please view, like and subscribe! Help us to build our base for children to learn from home! Children can view You Tube and participate with their kit at home. It you need help finding the products, please use the Contact Us form.

The Mission of Multicultural Educational Programs, Inc.

The mission of Multicultural Educational Programs, Inc. is to inspire, encourage and empower underrepresented and undeserved people to pursue their both their education, and physical and mental wellness and health.  (Updated January 2023)