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Multicultural Educational

Programs, Inc.

Preparing today's youth to be tomorrows

leaders in STEM!

Celebrating 21 years!

Welcome to Multicultural Educational Programs, Inc. (MEP), we are a 501(c) (3) organization offering phenomenal programs using hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.) activities. Our organization has served students in grades kindergarten-college for over twenty years! That's over 55,000 students!  

New in 2021, the organization began a major change to meet the training needs to prepare to reach children in countries around the world. Last summer MEP sent water kits to be used during a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo in partnership with Dr. Musau Wakabongo. Children in up to twenty villages will learn how to make clean water over the next year.  

During the summer of 2022, MEP worked with professionals who visited Kenya, and later this winter a group that will go back to Nimba, Liberia to visit the Rowena Arnold Christian school that MEP partners with.

 If your group would like to prepare to go to another country and serve with STEM-science, technology, engineering and math programming, please sign up for a consultation and then training. 


 MEP has a new partnership with Wendy A. Taylor of Faith and Stream. Wendy who has worked with the MEP program many years in Atlanta, GA, has written a new book sharing how God uses faith and STEAM together. She demonstrates how using faith, a person can invent and utilize new ideas in each of the areas of science, engineering, agriculture and math. The new book is an outstanding curriculum guide that can be used in Christian or secular classrooms for middle and high school. MEP will provide the training in person and on Zoom Saturday, November 6, 2022. Please check and the upcoming events page to learn how you can purchase the book. Please sign up for the training on the contact us page if you are interested in attending a training in person in southern Arizona or on zoom. 

The Learn from home program on You Tube!

The learn from home program, which was created during the Covid-19 pandemic is still available on You Tube free!  Go to Multicultural Educational Programs (it's under the big blue "M")

Please view, like and subscribe! Help us to build our base for children to learn from home! Children can view YouTube and participate with their kit at home. It you need help finding the products please use the contact us form.

The Mission of Multicultural Educational Programs, Inc.

The mission of Multicultural Educational Programs, Inc. is to inspire, encourage and empower underrepresented and undeserved people to pursue their education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Since its inception in 2000, MEP has served over 55,000 plus students throughout the United States and internationally. STEM programs have been held in Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa, Missouri and Tennessee. Children have also been served in the countries of the Dominican Republic, Liberia and in the near future Kenya. The volunteers are comprised of individuals with graduate and undergraduate degrees who develop, orchestrate and implement our STEM curriculum. (Updated August 2022)