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Multicultural Educational

Programs, Inc.

Empowering underrepresented people to serve in non-profits

Black History Month 2021

This 1st Black History Month contest is for Middle & High School Student Coders who attended class on January 6, 2021, with Investing in My Future.

Middle and High School Students! Create your own Black Inventors Museum with a avatar that shares the facts about a inventor.

Contest Opens Feb 1st

  • Research 1 historical black inventor from United States History
  • Write a 5-minute script/bio of the inventor
  • Watch the YouTube instructional video on MEP's YouTube Channel on setting up your CoSpaces Mapping.
  • Design a Museum Exhibit with CoSpaces using a minimum of 3 pics of the inventor you are highlighting

integrated with your 5-minute script/bio. You can add voice narration to your project or text popups(Based on the YouTube Instructional Video). Example


  • The deadline to have your "museum" done will be Feb 26th, 2021. The student will share their completed project for judging.
  • Judging will start on Feb 27th and winners will be selected by committee vote (votes due by March 6th 2021).

Use your voice to write a essay about your goals and dreams. Tell the world about who you want to be when you grow up!

Prizes include:

1st place $100.00

2nd $50.00

3rd $20.00

For more information or questions on the project please contact Bill Malone at: Email:[email protected]