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Multicultural Educational

Programs, Inc.

Empowering underrepresented people to serve in non-profits

The MEP Curriculum: Coming soon!

Critical Thinking Activites

Matching and Other Activities

Science & Engineering Activites

Teachers that home school can order the kits for their groups.

The health and science kit. Students will cover 25 posters of African American & Latino Inventors with 5 activities:

1. Cellular activity and blood components

2. The heart and how it works

3. Healthy eating

4. Talking microscopes & specimen-the peanut,

the life of the butterfly

5. Space-The Hubble Telescope

6. Name the planet game

  • This kit can serve up to 25 students at a time

Provide students the social justice information they need to learn more about history makers.

STEM in the Box is great for the school library.