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Multicultural Educational

Programs, Inc.

Preparing today's youth to be tomorrows

leaders in STEM!

STEM in a Box

 MEP has a fantastic STEM in a Box program. Teachers can order either of our exhibits or both and have them sent directly to their school. UPS will deliver the exhibit and then pick it up when the school is completely done with the exhibit. (MEP conducted a pilot project in the Des Moines Schools and Eastern Iowa Schools three years ago and it was very successful). This is an exciting opportunity for entire school districts because the exhibits can go from school to school at a greatly reduced cost while still having all the key elements of the original exhibit.

Training and certification of teachers that will use the exhibits is required. Teachers can train over the web to utilize each exhibit to its fullest potential to awaken student interest in STEM subjects as well as motivate them to learn more. MEP will ask each school district to pay a small deposit for the exhibits and then each school can use a purchase order check or credit card to pay for the exhibits to visit their school. With the large size of many school districts, it is anticipated that the exhibit will be used regularly within major school districts. To fulfill this need, MEP would be prepared for the exhibits to stay in major school district areas once storage space and a contact person is identified to assist in running the program from these locations. This means the shipping cost will only be from school to school which will also greatly reduce the cost of MEP exhibits.

Take the following steps to reserve your exhibit today:

1. Order the exhibit online at the Contact Us page or by calling our office at 515-943-7075 or cell-515-339-0879.

2. Set a "Train the Trainer" date for teachers in your district to learn how to use the exhibit either on line or in person.

3. When it arrives, use the directions to set it up. Both exhibits come with curriculum.

4. When finished pack it up.

5. Call UPS to ship it out when the prearranged time is completed.